A. Financial Planning –
Investment Planning
      1. Investment Planning (Sample Plan)
      2. Buying a House
      3. Asset Creation
      4. Regular Foreign Vacations
      5. And many more…
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Insurance Planning
      1. Life Insurance Planning
      2. Health Insurance Planning

Tax Planning

And many more….(as per the Financial GOALS of our clients)

B. Advisory Services–

There are so many changes happening everyday in the financial market place; new schemes, new regulations and so on. We are there to answer all your queries.

Queries related to Investments –

      • Mutual Funds
        1. Which scheme to invest in, benefits of SIP, STP, SWP and so on.
        2. Review of investments in mutual funds from time to time.
        3. Identifying top performing funds.
      • Small Savings
        1. PPF, NSC, FDs, other post office savings – Which one suits you well?

      • Structured products
        1. What are its pros and cons? How it works? Do you need it?

Queries related to Insurance –

      • Life Insurance
        1. Term Insurance, traditional products, ULIPs – what are the hidden cost, how it works, how good is ULIP for investments and so on…??

      • General Insurance
        1. Health insurance – Cost benefit analysis
        2. Accidental insurance, travel insurance – do you need it?

Queries related to Loans –

      • Home loans, Personal loans, Education loans – Pros and cons, The process, from where to get it?

Queries related to Tax –

      • Expert opinion on –
        1. How to reduce your tax liability?
        2. Tax implications of any investments made?
        3. Products eligible for 80C, 80D and so on.
        4. Issues related to tax filing.

And many more….

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