Nishchint Investment & Insurance Consultant was incorporated with an objective of providing financial planning, wealth management solution & All type of Insurance needs to customers.

Mission Statement :

We all pass through this world once. Lets do our job with honesty, sincerity and integrity.

Our Objective :

To be appointed as your Personal Financial Advisor.
* To assist you in reaching your end goal.
* To provide unbiased advice.

Our Value Preposition :

* We are fee based advisors & planners.

* Our primary source of income is Fee received from Clients.

* We give our clients the option to invest through their existing agents. As such you can be sure that we offer you an un-biased advice which is free from any Conflict of Interest.

* We intend to reduce your cost by suggesting you products having lesser cost, without compromising on returns.

Key People :

Mr Sushil Jain (B.COM, MBA)
    Over 10 years of experience of managing client's wealth.
    Over 15 Years of experience of General Insurance Industry.
    Over 20 Years of experience of Accounting & Taxation matter.
    Specialist of Mediclaim Policy & claims.
    More than 5000 Satisfied Customers.
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